Las Vegas Wheels


Quality wheel remanufacturing services for every type of wheel

Through our Wheel Order Repair Knowledge System (WORKS) process, we remanufacture painted, polished, machined and chrome wheels to original manufacturer specifications utilizing ISO 9001 based quality management principles. Whether your wheel is bent, corroded, cracked or scratched, we can repair and refinish to original specifications as long as it is safe to do so. The WORKS process enables us to produce high quality remanufactured wheels with finishes that will last for years compared to others who may only touch up your wheels and will start to fade or peel within months. Also unlike others, we do not use auto body bondo fillers to repair any portion of a wheel as we use different types of welders and the appropriate alloy for all repairs. Providing consistent results and complete customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Las Vegas Wheel rim repair before and after

Wheel Order Repair Knowledge System


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